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Shabby Chic and Upcycled Bookcases

The brilliant thing about bookcases is their versatility.

Not only do they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, you can use them for displaying all your beloved photos and ornaments too. If you’re looking for the perfect bookcase for your home, why not break the mould with something totally unique and rustic. The shabby chic look has grown in popularity and is ideal for anyone who is tired of the modern, mass-produced furniture often found on the high street. Not only does it ooze vintage appeal, shabby chic furniture also provides a great focal point in any room.  Upcycling is another option. Lovingly brought back to its former glory, an upcycled bookcase can not only invoke sentimental memories of yesteryear, it also means doing your bit to reduce waste and its effect on the environment. So not only will you have a beautiful, functional new piece for your home, you can feel proud that you’ve rescued it too!

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However, the great news is that we do have 4 items in this category in our workshop and paint room, being finished off at the moment! Please check back soon, or Tell us your email address and we will contact you when they are ready!

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